Why do students require help while doing their homework?

Parents need to understand that while many students are capable of handling their own homework, not all of them will be able to complete the task without help. While some parents may find it difficult to make time for their children’s homework, it is no surprise that students are often left to fend for themselves. A lot of parents take the time to sit with their children and help them solve mathematical, theory-based, or illustrative homework, but it may not something you can always understand and help a child with.

How can you tell if a child cannot handle his/her homework alone?

Parents may think that their children are perfectly capable of doing their own homework, but constant reminding and making sure they did it is not enough. Parents have to also check what their children have done – if it cannot be understood their children need to elaborate their homework’s outline. Teachers are the ones who first spot the signs of a student who isn’t able to handle his/her homework load. Some of common signs are, not meeting deadlines, repeatedly making the same errors, skipping sections of homework, half-hearted attempt to do a good job, and so on.

What can parents/teachers do to help?

While tutoring sounds like the most sought-after option, it is wise to first spend time with students within a space that they are familiar with, that is, the classroom or home. If the child still isn’t able to do their homework without constant guidance and assistance, then tutoring the child at home or using other sources of the same, is your next plan of action.

How do I deal with a lazy child who postpones homework time?

Parents need to set a timetable that forces the child to abide by a strict schedule that draws a line between play time, and study time. A child must understand the gravity that studies hold without looking at it like a tedious chore but a fun activity, especially for younger kids. While not being able to handle one’s homework may come off as a sign of weakness, it is usually boredom and laziness that puts a child off.

How can teachers offer help in the classroom when it comes to homework?

Teachers need to make classes interesting, interactive, and informative. Without initially guiding a student and providing sources on how to complete homework, he/she is often left to cope alone. Therefore, guiding students through homework is vital, especially by the teacher. This isn’t a wise move since over a period of time the child will lack interest in a particular subject and will start to score less during tests and final examinations.