What Kind of a Tutor do you need?

Homework given to students has become a lot more challenging and sometimes family times and sibling relationships can also be negatively impacted due to homework pressures. It is important to take outside assistance with school and college work to reduce overall anxiety with education.

It is important to know what kind of a tutor is needed and the best thing to identify that would be to exactly pin point your pain and problem areas.

If all you need is an occasional help on some homework or a project or an assignment but on a regular basis you may not require assistance then seeking help from Online tutors may be the answer. These tutors work on freelance basis or attach themselves to institutions which provide on line support and then respond to your email queries via live chat, discussion boards or even over the phone like a typical call centre service. The charges are paid on an hourly basis.

In case you are struggling with one particular subject such as Maths or Science or a foreign language or the likes then the answer may lie in hiring a personalized one on one tutor. It is possible to get such kind of tutorial assistance in an on line mode, provided you have the inclination to adapt to that mode of study. The online mode can be a little impersonal but the good thing is that it is possible to hire tutorial assistance any time of the day. A lot of parents are now seeking tutorial assistance on certain subjects for themselves, using the online mode and then they try and coach the child on their own. Private tuitions are also possible where the tutor may visit the student at an appointed hour for coaching.

There is a huge amount of difference in the fees payable to the tutor in both cases and a good middle option is to get assistance from learning /coaching centers. The learning centers follow a cluster approach and normally the student teacher ratio of a cluster could be one to three or one to four. This helps save costs and also gets some collaborative learning experience.

Each family has to decide and balance their learning objectives with the learning support available in their family budget and the good news is that there is assistance available to suit most needs and budgets.  For assistance in elementary school subjects and curriculum, a very viable and affordable option is to hire college student tutors. College bulletin boards and notice boards or local news paper advertisements are a good source for hiring these student tutors. These students are freelancers and normally work to earn and support their own formal education.

A good referral check followed by a detailed discussion with the teacher is often recommended for all teachers before any kind of help is hired. The child can be trusted with the teacher however monitoring the progress of the child and the entire tutorial engagement should continuously be done by the parents for the best benefits.