How to implement good homework habits

If you think, deeply homework and practise are interrelated. Good teacher focus on this correlation and try to prepare homework, which involves activities which are focussed towards the learning goals.

Homework should be prepared in such a way that it is more towards the understanding rather than an after school day activity.

Let’s explore some key research findings:

During homework preparation, grade level is very important. Researchers say students who spend daily half an hour more on their homework get better grades as compared to other students. Homework is prepared for good learning habits.

Homework should be prepared in such a way that it matches with skills of students. This will have a positive impact on students.

It is important to give feedback to students on their homework. Grading homework helps in long run. Comments and instructions by teachers act as a motivation for students to improve the homework.

For subjects which require daily practise like maths, science and accounts daily homework is extremely important. So homework should be prepared in such a way that enough time is given for practise subjects.

Parent should not help students in doing homework. Let the child apply his brains. Parents should be a facilitator. They must clear their doubts but not solve their queries.

How to implement good homework habits

There are four types of homework

  1. Memorization of rules, laws etc
  2. Homework which involves increasing skill speed
  3. Deep understanding of thoughts and concepts
  4. Where new information should be gained

Now once the homework is classified right homework type must meet right goal of learning.

Homework should be prepared according to right instructional level, which matches with skills of students.

Homework must be assigned according to right time.

Instant feedback on homework completion and non-completion is very necessary otherwise goal of homework preparation is not achieved.

Student’s uniqueness is very important. It is essential to recognize this uniqueness. Some time  must be given to students while they are adapting with new learning and practices.

Ho,mework policies must be clear. Proper communication and clarification is important at school level. At times if message is not delivered clearly it can create confusion and frustrations.  There fore right homework preparation includes expectations, guidelines, consequences, useful tips etc.

Parents should be facilitator they must not dictate their children. This may create confusion for child as he might develop complexities due to two different method of teaching. Parents must monitor whether a child is doing his homework or not.

Every assignment and project must have clear goal. This goal must be clear to students.

Effective feedbacks eliminates confusion and misunderstandings. This helps in development of right process and highlights the weaknesses. students develop right learning habits. Timely feedback is very important otherwise its impact is lost.

In homework preparation, right support structures are very important like trackers, journals, and other tools which helps in organization of assignments and which will support clear communication between students, teachers and parents.

These are some of the key areas which is important in right homework preparation.