How To Do Homework Tips

Is your child afraid of his homework? Are you able to give him enough time to cop up with this problem? Have you provided him sufficient help with homework?

Even when parents give sufficient time to their child’s education and homework needs, it has been found that many children do not take interest in homework. They tend to forget their homework learning on the very next day itself. As a result parents receive diary notes, complaint registers, counseling calls etc from the class teachers of their kids.

We need to comprehend that providing help with homework is not the solution of a child’s educational growth. He needs to understand and take interest in doing his homework. This is possible only if the parents as well tutors understand that what measures they should take for providing adequate help with homework to their child. Here are some tips on homework help, beneficial for parents as well teachers:

1. Repeat Mechanism:
It has factually been proved that whatever we study or read, we remember 80% of it till 14 hours and only around 18% until a week’s time.
Thus, similar is the case with a kid’s homework. The very first suggestion in homework help is that you should not only provide help with homework completion but also make sure that your child repeats his study. The intervals of repetition should be taken care of properly. Initially it can be after 3 days then after a week and then in 15 days. This kind of practice establishes the subject firmly into the mind of the child. He can think and re-think about the concept making it easier for him to remember.

2. Give real life examples:
Parents often miss on this part. That’s why we have considered it as the second most important point in homework help tips.
Do you remember that it was always fun and easier to do practical in the lab than giving a 3 hour examination in the classroom? This is because what we see and feel is easier to remember than what we learn and imagine.
Try to give some real life examples to your child while making him understand a concept. For example while talking of cubes and cuboids you can use the example of ice and dice, in trigonometry you can relate to the large buildings of mountain tops etc. While on a TV program you can refer to some ‘x’ and ‘y’ with the name and relationship of the characters and ask your child about them.

It helps in making the understanding of your child clearer and simpler.

3. Let them sleep:
A sound sleep is the key towards healthy and powerful learning. So make your child ‘early to bed’ and sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours a day. Give him adequate nutrition and time to rest so that he has not to shift his focus on his health based problems.

This is the part 1 of some important homework help tips. Hoping that the readers would benefit from these tips and will make them a part of their routine while providing help with homework to their kids. You can keep reading the next articles for more such useful tips to follow.