3 Simple Homework Preparation Tips

Homework is not about winning a battle but it certainly is conquering your obstacles. For kids as well as for parents the homework has become a part of the daily routine. Parents try to teach their kids not only to solve their homework problems but also provide a base to solve any type of problem that they would face in their academics. They arrange for home tutors, online tutors, extra classes and every possible help with homework for their kids.

We have discussed about various homework help tips in our previous article. Now we will again discuss some important measures. Let us learn some more useful ways of improving efficiency of our kids in completing their homework.

1. Break them free:
No, we are not talking about your kids! We are telling you to break the homework in the small parts so that it doesn’t scare your child like a giant monster. They have already learnt from their animated games that the small and weak enemies are easier to be defeated! So break the homework in various parts and complete it step by step. Every time your child completes one step, applaud him and encourage to move further.

2. Appreciate and reward:
If you are providing help with homework, it doesn’t mean that you have to sit and watch his every action while your child is studying. Your help can be a motivation to him. This motivation is better understood in terms of rewards. For example you can reward them by allowing them to play their favorite game for extra time than usual or may be their favorite cuisine or movie show or pen, dress etc. Kids are easy to be pleased with these rewards. These small gestures keep them motivated and also enthuse enthusiasm towards their dull or boring looking homework sessions.

3. Set the time:
This tip may not be a part of your daily homework help routine. Every day you cannot practice on time limits. At times the kid needs to spend time in studying and understanding the concepts. But occasionally when you are helping him to practice the already solved questions or some test paper etc., you can set time limits.
This is not a typical form of help with homework, rather it is a help with the preparation for tests. Tests are like the consequences that are generated from homework training. That is why, it is important to practice time limit considerations. It will help your child to increase his speed of solving the troubles and thereby saving a lot of time during examinations.

As a parent whenever you are providing homework help to your child, do not forget that homework is merely a routine for him. But actually you should try to make a base for your child and inculcate a habit of learning into him. Anyone could do homework by taking help from guide books, keys and answer books but in reality homework is not about filling the notebook with the right words but it should be about learning something new every day. If your child will keep this thing in mind and will try to acquaint himself with a new concept every day, he will learn a lot better and more than many of his counterparts.